Charlotte Blassel

I'm passionate about community management, content writing and social networks,
always working towards improving and sharing my skills.

The Cacatoès Theory

The Cacatoès Theory - Design community

Social media manager, content writer
HETIC Newsroom

HETIC Newsroom - Student media

Co-project manager, corrector, writer
Google Mystery

Google Mystery - Treasure hunt app

Content writer

FixIt - Electronical devices repair app

In charge of the business model

Islandis - Tourism chat bot

Content writer, in charge of the business model

Scientia - Science magazine


Design works

Designer and illustrator
HEZEN website

HEZEN - Artist website

Project manager

Web development projects

Web developer

Hello! I'm Charlotte, I'm 20 and I study at HETIC,
a multidisciplinary web school in France.

I love community management and content writing.
I also learn design and web development. 

I'm open to every opportunity. As of now, I co-manage a student media and work as a freelance for The Cacatoès Theory, a community of 1 200 web designers. 



Takes initiatives

Adapts well

My main skills

💬 Community management

I have experience in managing social networks accounts. I'm comfortable with softwares such as Buffer, Later, Mailchimp and Zapier.

📝 Content writing

I write efficiently and avoid mistakes, in French and English, no matter the type of content.

💻 Design & technology

I can create visuals for social networks, on Illustrator, Photoshop or Canva.
I'm also familiar with HTML and CSS.

More about me !

Languages and trips

Photography & drama


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