In charge of the business model


FixIt is an app invented for a group project. It allows anybody to fix their electronical devices easily and face programmed obsolescence.

I worked on its business model.

My missions

  • Finding an app idea. The subject we were giving was "Human & Society". We had two weeks to finish it and so only a day to find a concept. Being surrounded by computers and smartphones, we quickly thought about programmed obsolescence. 
  • Analyzing the market. We found similar apps and used them to see the feature they suggested, how efficient it was and what we could reuse and improve for our target. 
  • Establishing the business model. The main point was to define a realistic and sustainable economic organization for the company. We worked like we would for a real company : analyzing our target, thinking about our partners and costs and making the project profitable.

What I learned

New marketing skills. I discovered a lot about running a business and making it sustainable. We imagined and managed realistic resources, costs and earnings.

Defining a target. Since we created this app from scratch, we had to find a new target. We contacted some potential users to adapt the experience to their needs.

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