HETIC Newsroom

Co-project manager, corrector, writer

HETIC Newsroom

HETIC Newsroom is a school media created in 2019 that shares students' professional experiences.

After a few months as a writer, I'm now a co-manager and a corrector.

My missions

  • Managing a team. With the other co-manager, we find new articles ideas by getting to know the school's students. We share them with the writers, who are students from different curricula and years, seeing who would be interested. I also supervise the communication team. 
  • Establishing and respecting a content calendar. We post an article, a podcast or a video every week. We have to make sure that the students who write articles know exactly what to do and can finish them on time, to avoid uncertainties.
  • Writing and interviewing. As a writer, I got in contact with the people I interviewed, got to know them, prepared relevant questions for them and decided of the best perspective.
  • Correcting articles. I read the content, make sentences easier to read and understand and harmonize articles before we publish them.

What I learned

Team management. I realized the importance of organization and communication within a team to publish on time, make the writers enjoy their work and build audience loyalty.

Interviewing people. I contact interesting profiles and highlight their experiences. I  make sure to respect their words while writing and wait for their approval to publish.

Improving my writing skills. Thanks to the other proofreaders, I learned to make my content more interesting and relevant for our target.

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