The Cacatoès Theory

Social media manager, content writer

The Cacatoès Theory

The Cacatoès Theory is a community of
1 200 web designers on Slack. We organise challenges and share design news.

I did a communication internship (2 months) and still work there as a freelance .

My missions

  • Writing and publishing on their social networks. I prepare content to announce the community's news : new design challenges, live streams, overview of what was shared by the members on Slack. My coworker make the visuals and I post them using Buffer and Later.
  • Establishing a content calendar. With my coworker, we invented new types of posts and thought about the ideal regularity for our followers.
  • Animating the Slack community. I welcome the new members and share the weekly community events.
  • Preparing and sending newsletters. For every new design challenge, I send emails with the summary of the instructions.
  • Sorting and sharing design news. I use Feedly to find design news and keep the most relevant ones for the Slack community.

What I learned

Autonomy. I am the only person of the 4 people team to only work in communication and marketing. I have a lot of responsibilities, I have taken initiatives and I can see my work has a real impact on the community.

Using new tools. To schedule social networks posts, I discovered Buffer and Later and I still use them weekly. I learned a lot about Mailchimp to send newsletters, Slack to communicate within and outside the team and Zapier to automate tasks.

Organisation. Being part of a company means attending meetings, dividing tasks, being totally part of a team. I care a lot about working in advance to adapt to the team's rythm and publish on time.

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