Project manager


HEZEN is a french singer. We worked in group with her during a month to make her website. 

I was the project manager.

My missions

  • Defining the website's architecture. The original website only had social media links. So, we decided to keep on directing the user to her social media, by adding her last video and her Instagram feed on the homepage. For the other pages, we decide her songs, her concerts, her collaborations and her biography were the most important parts for the users.
  • Finding a graphic charter. We determined the colors and fonts we could use according to the customer's needs and universe.
  • Managing the team. As the project manager, I divided the work according to every member's skills. I also shared with them the patron's feedback and made sure their tasks were clear and that they could meet the deadlines. 
  • Contacting the customer. I communicated with the singer by emails, in the name of the whole team. I showed her our work and took into account her suggestions, to always adapt the website to her needs and wishes.

What I learned

Prioritizing content. By looking at other singer's websites, we determined what the readers were looking for : news and informations about the singer. Then, we found ways to highlight what matters to them.

Being in contact with a customer. I worked for a real patron for the first time. All along the project, I shared and explained our ideas, adapting them to her wishes. 

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