Scientia is a science magazine made for a general knowledge class. It's about cognitive sciences and ecology.

I wrote 2 articles : one about YouTubers involved for ecology and an interview of a teacher about fake news.

My missions

  • Choosing topics. We chose the topic of science in group and every member picked an article idea. I just attended a lecture made by YouTubers about ecology and thought it would be an interesting and up-to-date topic. I also decided to interview a journalist, to share an expert's point of view.
  • Making a plan. For each article, I spent some time organizing my ideas in a way that's meaningful, clear and interesting for the reader.
  • Interviewing and writing. I interviewed the teacher with a classmate and sorted my notes to keep only the essential part of them. Thanks to the previous classes, I knew the specificities of writing articles.
  • Proofreading. I read my group members' articles and corrected their spelling mistakes. I modified some of the sentences to make them easier to read and understand. 

What I learned

Harmonizing content. When different people write different parts of an article or a magazine, it's essential to read everything and keep a similar writing style all the way long (except if it's wanted) to not lose the reader.

Conducting an interview. It was my first interview. After finding the idea, I contacted the journalist, prepared the questions, noted their answers, wrote the article and sent it to get the person's approval.

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