Content writer, in charge of the business model


Islandis is a chat bot made in group for a digital marketing class. Its goal is to help young adults to plan their trip to Iceland more easily.

I worked on the marketing part.

My missions

  • Defining our users. We quickly found the concept for our chat bot : helping people plan their trip to Iceland. I worked on the target, to determine which kind of people would be more likely to need and use this service : young adults.
  • Analyzing the target. I analysed big companies and influencers' posts on social networks to see what our target is sensitive to. I used this knowledge as an inspiration while writing the chat bot's answers.
  • Researching places. On websites such as TripAdvisor, I looked for hotels and activities that would fit our target's needs : cheap and well located services in every region of Iceland.

What I learned

Social networks tendencies. I looked for our target's tendencies on social networks. We then used some of these practices to attract users and make them want to try the chat bot.

Simplifying texts. If people use a chatbot, that means they want a quick answer and an enjoyable experience. That's what I thought about while writing.

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