Web development projects

Web developer

Music player

I made some web development projects alone, as part of my studies. 

I learned different languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and used them to develop my websites.

My missions

  • Creating a javascript music player. I loved choosing interesting features, thinking about the design, picking the songs and developing it in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Making a presentation website for a video game. As part of a school project, my classmates made a JavaScript video game about Games of Thrones. I made its presentation website in HTML and CSS, explaining how to play the game. 
  • Restructuring the Apple Homepod website. In my first year, we had to redesign and re code an Apple website. The goal was to create an entertaining and smooth online experience to convince users to buy the product.
  • Developing a PHP blog. I coded from scratch a blog about trips. I filled and managed the database. On the blog, you can add articles with a picture, a title and some text. Everybody can also add comments.

What I learned

Coding languages. Knowing basics like HTML, CSS and PHP helps me to manage databases on websites and work with developers.

Working on quality. I learned the importance of developing simple features as much as possible rather than making complex ones.

Trying and researching. To overcome bugs, I talked to my classmates, read documentation and made a lot of tests.

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